David Zwirner
537 W 20th Street
Appointments encouraged
New York
Oct 29th 2020 — Dec 19th 2020

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Splashed across the stark white gallery walls are large-lettered lines of chyron-like aphorisms: “FROM ADORATION TO CONTEMPT…. FROM FIGHT TO FLIGHT…. FROM END TO END.” So opens Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (2020), which splays across the gallery entrance. “20/20” at David Zwirner, drawn from gallery artists, features a number of institutional hard-hitters—Raymond Petition, Richard Serra, Kerry James Marshall, Chris Ofili— alongside younger artists in the gallery's program, in this multi-room group show.

A range of media, from a series of delicate porcelain and stoneware works by Shio Kusaka, to a nearly seven-foot inkjet print by Wolfgang Tillmans, to a contorted stainless steel sculpture by Carol Bove, are featured in this exhibition. Lisa Yuskavage’s portrait group of three semi-nude young women wielding various weapons stares down the viewer, their eyes dark pinpricks. Rose Wylie’s Highschool Cheerleaders (2020) [pictured] gallivant nakedly between two pianos, one upright, one grand. The show ends on a quiet but no less powerful note: Michaël Borreman’s Study for Bird (2020) peeps placidly out of the frame, eyes demurely lowered, like a 17th century Dutch portrait: the delicate highlight on her browbone, the fringe of shadow across her breastbone.

Rosie Wylie, Highschool Cheerleaders, 2020. Oil on canvas in two (2) parts; left canvas: 72 1/4 x 63 5/8 inches; right canvas: 72 1/4 x 63 7/8 inches; overall: 72 1/4 x 128 inches.