Animal Kingdom

Alexander Berggruen
Jun 26th 2020 — Aug 29th 2020

Through nearly 50 works by more than two dozen artists—including Lucian Freud, Walton Ford, and Paola Pivi—this online show explores the myriad creative attitudes that inform how animals manifest in contemporary art. Specific contexts explored in the exhibition range from domestic realms inhabited by pets and livestock to the wild landscapes known to bears, elephants, anteaters, and beyond.

Spanning the past four decades, the paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and other types of art on view in “Animal Kingdom” coalesce into a spectacle as elegant and chaotic as the natural world they evoke.

From Alexander Berggruen:

For some, animals appear to act as purely aesthetic phenomena, used as colors and shapes to be arranged within the artist’s mind. For others, they serve as symbols and archetypes, emblems of beauty, comfort, intimacy, and hope. In yet another context, they serve as reminders of the artifice implicit in modern life, or perhaps a bridge between humans and an inanimate world.

Austin Eddy, The Promise Of Spring, 2020. Oil, flashe, colored pencil, paper on canvas, in artist's frame, 50 x 32 inches.