Brandon Ndife

My Zone

178 Norfolk Street
Open by appointment
New York
Lower East Side
Mar 20th 2020 — Jul 18th 2020

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For his first solo show with Bureau, Brandon Ndife unveils new standing sculptures and wall-hangings in which organic detritus, from corn husks to fungi, appear to encroach upon man-made items, such as cabinets and plates, in states of disrepair.

From putrefying gourds to decaying wood, Ndife captures a spectrum of rotting substances in painstaking, naturalistic detail. Intact pieces of furniture, acting as scaffolding, serve to frame dioramas in which soft, putrid lumps are nearly all that's left of once-discernible objects—pointing to a level of deterioration that seems suspiciously post-apocalyptic.

But Ndife's message is not one of sorrow so much as quiet acceptance: While decomposition prevails in the end, in its aftermath emerges a beginning.

Brandon Ndife, Breeding Ground, 2020. Birch, cast foam, earth pigment, AquaResin, resin, enamel, conduit cable, lightbulb, electric wiring, 39 × 40 × 21 inches.