Bruce Nauman

Sperone Westwater
257 Bowery
Open by appointment
New York
Lower East Side
Sep 9th 2020 — Nov 14th 2020

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Bruce Nauman's latest solo exhibition at Sperone Westwater—staged to coincide with the opening of a Tate Modern survey focusing on his groundbreaking installations—unveils new and recent multimedia works by the world-famous artist.

Marking Nauman's thirteenth presentation with the gallery, this show comprises two videos and a separate, large-scale sculpture. In Walking the Line (2019) [pictured], Nauman further builds on a longtime series begun in the late 1960s with the release of his seminal short film Walk with Contrapposto (1968), for which he filmed himself methodically moving around his studio. Walking the Line marks a continuation of his formal experiments around documenting the human figure—namely, his own body, depicted in his workspace.

No doubt inspired by a similar impulse, Nature Morte (2020) manifests as an interactive experience in which viewers may use an iPad to navigate a virtual rendering of Nauman's studio and the objects within it.

Bruce Nauman, Walking a Line, 2019 (still); 15 minutes, 46 seconds. 4K 120fps 3D projection (color, stereo sound), continuous play, 3D glasses, 114 x 203 inches (projection size).