Cajsa von Zeipel

Nine Lives

Company Gallery
145 Elizabeth Street
New York
Lower East Side
Sep 9th 2020 — Oct 17th 2020

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A world of transhumanism gone awry is brought to life in Cajsa von Zeipel’s solo show, "Nine Lives," at Company Gallery. Arranged throughout the gallery space are nine highly realistic silicone sculptures of women, decked out in the trappings of late capitalism: multicolored wigs, ripped jeans, leggings, Louis Vuitton bags, iPads, headphones, rubber gloves, and various other vulgar tech and fashion accoutrements. While these cyborgs are nightmarish—a far cry from the pristine plaster sculptures of women and girls von Zeipel made earlier in her career—the Swedish artist might ultimately be using them to strike a hopeful note about the future.

From Company:

As we witness how these nine figures reimagine eroticism, we can manifest new ways of being with each other. We can make our own rules that refute systems of governmental control. Technology is no longer purely accelerationist; it is something to be altered for our own purposes. Stepping into "Nine Lives," we recognize how capitalism has profoundly influenced our ability to produce self. But by existing at once within and outside of society, these nine figures offer an advanced approach to being. Futures are made out of the fragments.

Installation view, Cajsa von Zeipel, Nine Lives, Company Gallery, New York, 2020. Images courtesy of the artist and Company Gallery, New York.