Camille Henrot


Metro Pictures

Celebrated for her intricate video and installation works, Camille Henrot tends toward complex artistic visions that cannot feasibly be confined to a canvas. But, faced with months of social distancing, Henrot discovered painting to be a psychic reprieve.

Presented by Metro Pictures as a virtual exhibition, "Paintings" displays selections from two new series—"Is Today Tomorrow?" and "Inside Out"—both of which Henrot began while self-isolating. The show also includes a work from her ongoing "Systems of Attachment" series.

From Metro Pictures:

Henrot’s practice reflects the wide-ranging interests that inform her work ... Over the last several months she has begun to work with acrylic, oil, and watercolor on canvas and other surfaces. Henrot makes her drawings with skillful speed, producing several versions of the same motif in a single day. The nature of paint, however, requires the artist to slow down, to walk away from and return to her canvas another day. Thus, in contrast to the drawings, the paintings represent a condensation of time and feelings. Made while experiencing a range of emotions, they are pictures of a more complete subjectivity.

Camille Henrot, Janus qui rie et Janus qui pleure, 2020. Oil on wood, 18 x 24 inches.