Darren Bader

www.brinkofbouquet.name AKA I plantain platitudes...

Andrew Kreps Gallery
Jul 24th 2020 — Aug 9th 2020

For an online exhibition hosted by Andrew Kreps, Darren Bader designed a digital catalog to showcase a selection of new and recent works. As it unfolds across various, interlinking web domains, the platform reveals an array of conceptual art pieces conceived by Bader as editions available for purchase.

Listings range from whimsical sets of instructions, as with eBay sculpture (“The work has its owner buy every item an eBay vendor has for sale”)—to poetic, subjective interventions, such as with Pretty face (“The work is a pretty face. The pretty face can be any face, any time, any place, as long as it’s pretty. The owner of the work doesn’t need to announce/identify the pretty face to anyone”)—to the not-exactly-feasible, as in Artwork for the back of a web browser window (“The artist will make a work for the back, i.e. reverse side, of a web browser...chosen by the work’s owner”).

Notably, Bader is donating 25% of sales proceeds from each artwork to a different, preselected charitable organization.

Darren Bader, "www.brinkofbouquet.name AKA I plantain platitudes... ," 2020 (screenshot).