Diamond Stingily, Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo) & Bri Williams

Queer Thoughts
373 Broadway, B3
New York
Feb 18th 2021 — Mar 27th 2021

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Artists Diamond Stingily, Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo), and Bri Williams present new work in a group exhibition at Queer Thoughts.

The work on view explores structures of power and marginalization through familiar objects. Puppies Puppies’s installation of human ribs, arranged in a pile, asks in its title: How many ribs does it take to make a trans Eve? How many ribs does it take to make a trans womxn? How many ribs does it take to make a trans person? (2020), raising questions of gender and trans-ness in Biblical terms. Meanwhile, Diamond Stingley’s restrained installation Orgasms Happened Here (2021) [pictured] presents open shutter doors revealing a linen closet with stacks of towels, these readymade materials serving as an entry point to neglected narratives. Bri Williams’s sculpture The Roses That Grew From Concrete (2021) encases two roses in translucent soap and resin, rendering their forms blurred and indistinct. As soap breaks down the border between object and substrate, pigment transfers from the rose to its sheath, recalling fossilized amber. The clouded and cracked surface remains, abstracting its subject through distortion.

Diamond Stingily, Orgasms Happened Here, 2021. Closet doors, shelf, hardware, towels, 82 x 64 x 30 inches.