Company Gallery
145 Elizabeth Street
New York
Lower East Side
Jun 4th 2021 — Jul 10th 2021

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Call me biased—dogs are, after all, humankind’s best friends—but there may not be a weak work in this jubilant group show, the unifying theme of which is, simply: dogs. Company Gallery’s final exhibition at its 88 Eldridge St. location, “Dog” honors all range of dogs—from Christian DeFonte’s furious and red-eyed chihuahua, to General Idea’s kissing poodles, to TM Davy’s close-up oil and linen painting of a morose West Highland Terrier, to all kinds, colors, and category of mutts.

As a directive, “dog,” to be sure, encompasses wide-ranging subject matter. The works on view include not only depictions of the canines, but also objects which are vaguely dog-shaped, as in Jessi Reaves’s quadrupedal furniture piece Spring was trash (2021); and those that possess dog-like energy, as in Position Series #65 (2009-19), K8 Hardy’s disturbingly seductive self-portrait in dog drag. Meanwhile, one of the few connections to the theme in Jacolby Satterwhite’s digital video piece is the presence of humans leashing other humans.

Christian DeFonte, Dio, 2015, 2021. Archival inkjet print, 12 x 18 inches (left); Christian DeFonte, Ciccio, 2019, 2021. Archival inkjet print 12 x 18 inches (right).