Eddie Martinez


Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Jul 15th 2020 — Jul 31st 2020

Presented exclusively online by Mitchell-Innes & Nash, "Homework" showcases new work by Eddie Martinez. The Brooklyn-based artist began this series of paintings, which are rendered on rectangular sections of cardboard, while on lockdown in New York City due to COVID-19.

The gallery offers this quote by Martinez as sourced from a 2017 exhibition text to provide further context for this body of work in relation to the artist's overall practice:

"I am drawn to containers. Putting marks, colors and shapes in a neat confined area all smashed in and having a solid blocked out background makes me feel like I am able to exploit maximalism and minimalism in the same picture. That feels pretty complete to me."

Eddie Martinez, Untitled, 2020. Oil, acrylic and shoeprint on cardboard in the artist's frame, 10 3/8 by 14 inches.