Elizabeth Schwaiger

From the Dark Sea

Jane Lombard Gallery
58 White Street
Appointments only
New York
Jan 8th 2021 — Feb 13th 2021

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In "From the Dark Sea," Elizabeth Schwaiger's first solo exhibition with Jane Lombard Gallery, a shifting dualism occupies the canvas: the moments in which decadence and disaster converge.

Set in places that range from political summits to vacant studios and museums, Schwaiger's gestural paintings depict a gamut of spaces, each scene reverberating differently. For instance, Palimpsest (2020) [pictured] is a dynamic symphony of dripping rust, sienna, russet, amber, bronze watercolor, ink, and acrylic. Almost a dozen feet wide, the monumental work combines two photographic references of historical significance. Both events took place at the Hague, each with different global consequences: the 1899 Hague Convention that the rules of war; and the 1915 International Women's Peace Conference, which called for an end to World War II. At once a history painting and a psychoanalytic meditation on the events, Palimpsest calls to mind that which has been eroded to make room for something new.

Elizabeth Schwaiger, Palimpsest, 2020. Acrylic, watercolor, and ink on canvas, 78 x 132 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Jane Lombard Gallery.