Everything is Personal

75 E Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York
Lower East Side/Two Bridges
Mar 13th 2020 — Oct 20th 2020

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Based out of a storefront in a Chinatown mall, Tramps can be counted on for out-of-the-box programming—and "Everything is Personal," with its menagerie-like lineup, is no exception.

Encompassing paintings by 16 artists, "Everything is Personal" highlights depictions of animals—including humans—in natural and unnatural habitats, rendered in varying degress of figuration and abstraction. From Peter Doig's Lion in the Road (Sailors) (2019), to Florian Krewer's untitled 2019 painting of two big cats, to Denzil Forrester's sumptuous Three Wicked Crocs (1982), animals emerge as an overarching theme. Humans, captured in similarly unselfconscious states, appear in Stanislava Kovalcikova's Viktor's Secret (2019) and Dylan Kraus's Untitled (Dove Kiss) (2019), among other compositions.

Peter Doig, Lion in the Road (Sailors), 2019. Installation view at Tramps, New York.