Jana Euler


Artists Space
11 Cortlandt Alley
Timed-entry tickets required
New York
Feb 21st 2020 — Sep 19th 2020

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Artists Space remained closed to the public for nearly six months to comply with COVID-19 lockdown mandates put in place last March. Now back open, the organization is picking up where it left off with a continuation of Jana Euler's “Unform,” the German artist’s first institutional solo presentation in the United States.

The exhibition showcases new and recent works within a sprawling, site-specific installation: the core of it being “Unstretched,” a series of nine orange slugs that, situated throughout the space and even on the gallery's exterior facade, appear primarily sculptural—though, having assembled each piece by sewing together painted linen canvases, Euler characterizes them not as sculptures, but, instead, as 3-D paintings.

(at left) Jana Euler, Unform 1, 2019. Acrylic on linen, 78 ¾ × 63 inches.
(at right) Jana Euler, Unform 2, 2019. Acrylic on linen, 78 ¾ × 63 inches.