Jason Fox

5 Seasons

60 Lispenard Street
New York
May 22nd 2021 — Jul 3rd 2021

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For his third solo show with Canada gallery, Jason Fox presents a series of seven paintings of chimeras: unholy mashups of George Harrison, Jennifer Lawrence, Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, and animals ordinary and imaginary. The larger-than-life and aptly-titled acrylic, oil, and graphite painting Get Out of Me (2020), for instance, features a conglomeration of Lawrence, Harrison, and a bright green dragon, while two thirds of that trinity is reprised in the spare and surprisingly moving The Siren (2021).

In The Patriot (2021), a figure with blue eyes and white skin dons an American flag hockey mask at the same time that he holds his hands up in the “don’t shoot” position, palms punctured with stigmata. This enigmatic figure becomes, at various turns, a symbol or martyr for various causes via the conflicting icons which surround him, including the Chase bank logo, the Q for QAnon conspiracy, a purple foam finger, and the infamous Maurizio Cattelan Art Basel banana. The Patriot—and the show as a whole—asks us what, exactly, being American means in this day and age, as well as what it means to hold or embody multiple perspectives simultaneously. Is it even possible? Is it right?

Jason Fox, Don't Leave, 2021. Acrylic, oil, collage and graphite on canvas, 120 × 86 × 1 1/2 inches. Courtesy of Canada, New York.