Jessica Dickinson


James Fuentes
55 Delancey Street
New York
Lower East Side
Jan 20th 2021 — Feb 28th 2021

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The experience of traversing the gallery to view Jessica Dickinson's suite of "remainder: With-Is" works is of watching something intelligent materialize: uncovering shapes, associations, and figures, like signals from a distant planet arrayed in static and white noise. Each is a graphite-on-paper impression taken from With-Is (2020), a limestone-and-polymer-on-oil work that rises from the surface like the thick-scaled hide of an ancient reptile, its surface mottled and broken like molted snakeskin.

Dickinson's fifth solo show with James Fuentes, "With" presents four new paintings made over the past year and a half, along with their corresponding "Remainder" drawings. Though they are monumental, sublimity in these paintings comes not from the yawning panoramas of nature but from ephemeral and seemingly insignificant moments: the way light sweeps across a windowpane, the daily chores of household maintenance. The four paintings—azure, pastel-green, pale yellow, and scrubbed gray-white—correspond to early evening, afternoon, morning, and pre-dawn, moments that occur every day but are never the same.

Jessica Dickinson, With- Is, 2020. Oil on limestone polymer on panel, 54 x48 inches.