K8 Hardy

A New Painting

Reena Spaulings Fine Art
165 E Broadway
New York
Lower East Side
Sep 20th 2020 — Oct 25th 2020

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The layers of interpretation run deep through March (2020), the single piece included in K8 Hardy’s show, titled accordingly: “A New Painting,” it’s now on view at Reena Spaulings Fine Art. While the work emulates a giant, tie-dyed menstrual pad, it simultaneously encapsulates other shapes, such as a black eye at the center, among other forms.

In penning the text for the press release, Sarah Nicole Prickett observes:

...Something about the way the paint is applied makes the viewers—us—feel like we’re the ones on the ground, lying supine and a little dizzy after a hike. Sky changing rapidly above, tie-dyed if you squint through the trees. Clouds crumbling like plaster. And that thing in the middle, a kind of inkblot betokening the inability of a genius to slow down, is like the black blotch you sometimes see after looking at the sun. There is a reflection of the eye in all this, but especially in that blotch and the way it also looks like a pupil, enlarged. Texture helps: the anti-leak channels of the pad become upper and lower lids. Green is nice for an iris. But then… there is the eerie feeling that, although it conforms to the notion of a landscape, and is hung like one, the eye in March sees nothing on the horizon.

K8 Hardy, March, 2020. Mixed media, dimensions unknown.