Kate Pincus-Whitney

Feast In The Neon Jungle

Fredericks & Freiser
536 W 24th Street
New York
Jan 21st 2021 — Mar 20th 2021

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At a time when everyone’s worlds have gotten smaller, Kate Pincus-Whitney’s near-psychedelic, maximalist paintings evoke the explosive potential of the everyday—in this case, the dining table. Pincus-Whitney’s tabletops, on view in a solo show at Fredericks & Freiser, are laden with colorful cloths, coffee, plants, sardines, tchotchkes, playing cards, liquor, oysters, candies, and more, and rendered in kaleidoscopic hot pinks and neons, bright yellows and true reds. Her canvases are still lives that are anything but still, with the perspective careening to contain their teeming spreads.

Despite their internal fullness, the works on view point to the world outside. References to art history and books of theory emerge alongside food and flora—Linda Nochlin’s Women Artists puts in an appearance, as well as a Warhol-esque Campbell’s Tomato Soup can, here repurposed to house a succulent—suggesting that nourishment is intellectual and aesthetic, as well as culinary.

Kate Pincus-Whitney, Theater of the Dinner Table: Dionysian Drinking Games, 2020. Acrylic and polycolor on wooden door with carving, 30 x 78 inches.