Leidy Churchman

Earth Bound

Matthew Marks Gallery
522 W 22nd Street
Open by appointment
New York
Feb 21st 2020 — Jul 31st 2020

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The moon. An iPhone 11. A Jodhpur forest lit up in brilliant pinks and purples. In the 21 paintings in “Earth Bound,” Leidy Churchman delivers no less than 21 distinct scenes—often exploring thematic disparities through stylistic contrasts.

Based in New York, Churchman has in recent years garnered widespread praise for their paintings, which reveal surprising grace notes in everyday moments and objects. While the artist’s subjects are wide-ranging, Buddhism is a throughline in “Earth Bound”; Karma Kagyu & Essex St. (Yellow Studio) (Devotion) (2020), for instance, depicts a devotional ceremony.

That said, if the show has a universal language, it’s Churchman’s mastery of their medium.

Leidy Churchman, Earth Bound (Card 21 of the Secret Dakini Oracle), 2020. Oil on linen, 58 1/8 x 42 3/4 inches.