Leslie Hewitt

Anatomy of a Flower and Other Studio Experiments

Galerie Perrotin
130 Orchard Street
New York
Lower East Side
Oct 29th 2020 — Dec 24th 2020

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In "Anatomy of a Flower and Other Studio Experiments," New York-based artist Leslie Hewitt has created a project space. Originally commission as part of Carnegie International, Hewitt's work is now on view at Perrotin for the first time. Hewitt engaged in research into the archive, site, and collection at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh to develop a series of images structured around the themes 'Panoptic,' 'Pedestrian,' and 'Innermost.'

The exhibition unfolds through a series of photographs taken at different registers: 'Panoptic' makes use of aerial vistas to outline the museum's site; 'Pedestrian' details its collection through eye-level views of its architecture; lastly, 'Innermost' offers a deep look into the museum's internal processes through exhibition checklists and archival cases. This multiplicity of viewpoints gives insight into processes of memory and meaning-making that operate within the museum's context. In working through these concepts with ephemera and archival images, Hewitt proposes a language with which to contend the taxonomies of museums' histories and collections while expanding the possibilities of their significance.

Leslie Hewitt, Untitled, 2020. Framed: 21 × 16 inch, monoprint.