Lost & Found

Martos Gallery
41 Elizabeth Street
New York
Feb 5th 2021 — Mar 13th 2021

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The lost-and-found: a staple of schools and amusement parks, a place where wayward items end up, hoping to one day be picked up by their owners. As a concept, it serves as the inspiration for “Lost & Found,” a group show at Martos Gallery featuring work that in some way engages with questions of loss and reunion, collection and discovery. True to its namesake, the works in this show are pleasantly hodgepodge, running the gamut of medium and style. Arthur Simms’s Trumpet and Rocking Chair (2019) is like a Dadaist assemblage of furniture and musical instrument, while Arnold J. Kemp’s series of layered black-and-white paintings nod to Abstract Expressionism. Jessica Diamond’s wall drawing poses a question many who have visited a lost-and-found may have asked aloud, despondent, after searching for something that isn’t there: “Is That All There Is?”

Jessica Diamond, Is That All There Is?, 1984/2010. Acrylic paint on wall. Dimensions variable.