Mike Nudelman

And Yet

Fortnight Institute
21 East 3rd Street
New York
East Village
Jun 17th 2020 — Jul 31st 2020


The title of Mike Nudelman’s exhibition at Fortnight Institute implies the possibility of something more to come. Indeed, many of the ballpoint pen drawings in this solo show depict worlds beyond our own—taking shape as UFOs glimpsed in the sky.

Nudelman’s compositions borrow from photographs documenting what appear to be UFOs taken in the 1970s by Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier—a Swiss man who founded a religion advocating for peaceful relations with the extraterrestrial lifeforms he claimed to have encountered periodically since his childhood. In recreating these images as pen-on-paper drawings, Nudelman further alienates that which can be surmised as objective reality from that which is certainly the product of subjective gestures.

Mike Nudelman, Time Suspended, 2020. Ballpoint Pen on Paper, 11 x 8.5 inches.