Neïl Beloufa

Screen Talk


Though Neïl Beloufa's Screen Talk—an online game based on a satirical mini-series Beloufa produced in 2014—challenges players to navigate a fictional global pandemic, the project was filmed in 2014. That means the story's glaring parallels to the real-life COVID-19 pandemic are coincidental—albeit eerily so.

Here's more on the artwork's conceptual basis via Bad Manners, the production company with which Beloufa collaborated to realize Screen Talk:

The artistic intention of the project is to consider the internet as even more than a space for dissemination, exchange or transposition: the internet can be thought of as the birthplace of artworks, akin to physical exhibition spaces, with all of its digital strengths and constraints. A bold proposal that favors a new way of understanding art, through creations that have been artistically, technically and economically conceived for the web.

Still from the Screen Talk mini-series.