Rebecca Morris

39 Walker Street
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New York
Feb 21st 2020 — Jul 31st 2020

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For her solo debut at Bortolami, Rebecca Morris presents a new series of large-scale paintings alongside recent watercolor-and-ink-based works on paper. While drastically differentiated from one another overall, the canvases on view contain a handful of recurring motifs among other repeating visual devices: seen in the use of grids and checkerboards, for instance, as well as in the appearance of jumbly, jagged shapes Morris describes as “lobster claws.”

Taken together, the pieces on display capture an array of aesthetic outcomes—these being the latest iterations of the Los Angeles-based artist's ongoing experiments with form, color, and texture.

Rebecca Morris, Untitled (#03-20), 2020, Oil on canvas, 128 x 98 inches. Courtesy of Bortolami.