Renée Green


39 Walker Street
New York
Sep 12th 2020 — Oct 31st 2020

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Renée Green's first exhibition at Bortolami, titled "Excerpts," functions as more of a two-pronged survey: Chronologically, it spans the Cleveland-born, New York-based artist's practice since the 1980s. Likewise, the time frame encompasses the development of what has burgeoned into a defining aspect of her practice, namely: exploring the link between colors and their respective linguistic designations.

While paintings like Colour Games (1989) [pictured] and Color / No Color (1990) are accurate representations of earlier achievements, it's the stark contrast between these and the latest pieces—in scale, scope, and complexity alike—that renders in vivid terms the sweeping arc of her development, both conceptually and stylistically.

For evidence, look no further than one she completed this year: Space Poem #7 (Color Without Objects: Intra-Active May-Words) (2020), an installation comprising 28 banners that hang throughout the gallery.

Renée Green, Colour Games, 1989, Wood, acrylic, and ink on Masonite, 35 x 19 inches.