Ruben Ulises Rodriguez Montoya

Inside the Bowels of the Hoofed Beast

Sargent's Daughters
179 East Broadway
New York
Lower East Side
Sep 18th 2020 — Oct 25th 2020

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Ruben Ulises Rodriguez Montoya’s solo show at Sargent’s Daughters features a new series of otherworldly sculptures. Assembled using a mélange of materials—bits of clothing, wires, Mariachi hats, hooves, and horns—Montoya’s sculptures call to mind the indigenous Mexican tradition and aesthetic of rasquache, which uses cast-off parts. Montoya transforms his source materials into enigmatic sculptural figures that evoke alien or animal forms—or even both at the same time.

Ruben Ulises Rodriguez Montoya, 44R, 2020. Cleaning cloth, green brooms, cow horns, my white socks and t shirt, mariachi sombrero, sarah, zip ties, circuit board, copper wire, metal car piece I found on the road when I had to walk to get my truck cus it got towed, stop saw break cartridge, silicone, loofa, sequins, Dimensions variable.