Sojourner Truth Parsons

Sex and Love with a Psychologist

Foxy Production
2 E Broadway, Suite 200
Open by appointment
New York
Jul 9th 2020 — Aug 22nd 2020

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Sojourner Truth Parsons’s first solo show with Foxy Production features an array of the emerging Canadian artist’s alluringly cool paintings, which nod to the glitz, glamour, and melodrama of television, 1980s-era advertising, and girlhood. As the exhibition’s title, “Sex and Love with a Psychologist” reads like the premise of a pulp romance novel—and rightly so.

Across Parsons’s canvases, mysterious, often visually fractured scenes unfold like episodes in a soap opera: In Baby’s Breath (2019), a pink sunset illuminates the silhouette of a pregnant woman—a full wine glass at arm’s length; elsewhere, in My Perfect Look (2019), a fragmented, woeful face emerges out of the dark as though examining its crying reflection in a broken vanity mirror.

Sojourner Truth Parsons, Calling out to a green tree, 2019. Acrylic on linen, 68 3/4 x 62 x 1 inches.