Stephen Lichty

Foxy Production
2 E Broadway, Suite 200
New York
Apr 2nd 2021 — May 30th 2021

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Mounds of gravel are spliced by orthogonal slabs of poured concrete like mini-land art works or punctured Judd boxes throughout this exhibition. For his third solo show with Foxy Production, Stephen Lichty presents five large-scale sculptures that read as parables of effort as well as the inevitable erosion of time.

Though they are permutations of the same simple forms—gravel grains, puncture holes, and slabs of concrete, all set at right angles—the works on view reward a holistic perspective. Encircle them and they will slowly reveal themselves to you, replete with surprises: the swirls of concrete marbling; a pinprick hole that sheds grains of shiny gravel, evoking a large-scale hourglass.

On the far side of the room are small-scale stainless steel sculptures, maquettes of the larger works—including conical mounds to represent the grains, which foretell their equilibrium like perfect mathematical models. Together, the sculptures recall both human-made infrastructure as well as natural landscapes in their slow construction across generations.

Stephen Lichty, Repose 6, 2021. Concrete and crushed granite, 44 x 44 x 32 inches.