Strange Days: Hit Pause

White Columns
Apr 25th 2020 — May 30th 2020

Jackie Klempay, the owner and director of the New York gallery Situations, curated "Strange Days: Hit Pause" for White Columns Online. Klempay culled the featured pieces from White Columns's Curated Artist Registry, which is a catalog of works by artists not affiliated with any commercial gallery located in New York City.

No openings, no double-cheek-kisses, it’s quarantine life for all non-essential workers. Horrified by the news, sickness, and death, the monotonous aspects of contemporary life are also collectively being felt. Subsequently, I am drawn to artists using non sequiturs to define their outlook. I'm attracted to the way they test new logic. When nothing makes sense, and a different rhythm is followed, can a new pattern emerge? When everything is constantly shifting in a world that suddenly feels encased in clear gelatin, how does energy move in a new direction? Although most of the works were created prior to the pandemic, they embody a spirit that is vital in this moment.

Dalia Amara, They Want Your Restraint, 2018. Archival Inkjet Print. Courtesy of the artist & White Columns.