Volker Hüller

GRIMM & Van Doren Waxter
Jun 17th 2020 — Jul 10th 2020

Joining forces for this two-part online exhibition, GRIMM and Van Doren Waxter showcase new and recent work by Volker Hüller. The German-born, Brooklyn-based artist is known for mixed-media paintings and works on paper that explore mythical and historical allegories as well as personal narratives. These scenes take shape through a medley of modernist visual devices, with particularly pronounced references to Cubism.

At the center of Hüller's compositions are heavily stylized human, part-human, or anthropomorphic forms. An assortment of abstracted elements amplifies the emotional states of these characters. Complementing this approach is Hüller's apparent proclivity for tragic figures, be they human or centaur.

From Van Doren Waxter:

Across material and techniques, Volker Hüller utilizes a precision of texture and line-making to create challenging allegories of art history & myth. A skilled draftsman, this collection highlights the artist’s use of narrative and fallacy as vehicles for the re-exploration of visual history.

Volker Hüller, Paradise Lost VI, 2020. Oil, acrylic, pencil, 80 x 60 inches.