Yuki Kimura, Andrei Koschmieder, Gili Tal

9 Pell Street, 2B
New York
Mar 5th 2021 — May 8th 2021

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Each artist featured in the new group show at Jenny’s only has two works on view—but each forces you to look twice. The Japan-born, Berlin-based artist Yuki Kimura makes photography and installation-based work which explores themes of time and dimension, disrupting visual and conceptual frameworks such as still-life, portraiture, and sculpture. Untitled (2020), for instance, depicts an arched and gated doorway three times in progressively larger sizes within the same frame, but aligns the edge of the archway, producing an uncanny and disorienting optical effect.

In a similar vein, Andrei Koschmieder makes faked readymades, producing banal, everyday objects, such as radiators or luggage, via a painstakingly handmade technique. Untitled (After Nauman) (2020), itself a sort of copy of the 1966 Bruce Nauman work, is made of acrylic tubing, phosphorescent acrylic, epoxy resin, and rubber. Finally, Gili Tal’s work also considers interventions in our experience of the everyday. Jump is Now Lime (2020) consists of a pair of roller blinds. Printed with an image of a London street digitally manipulated to be obscured by a layer of foggy condensation, the work destabilizes location and spatial understanding, transparency and opacity.

Andrei Koschmieder, Untiled (After Nauman), 2020. Acrylic tubing, phosphorescent acrylic, epoxy resin, rubber 75 x 20 inches. Courtesy Jenny's.