Andrea Fourchy


86 Walker Street, #3
New York
Mar 13th 2021 — May 8th 2021

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Andrea Fourchy’s second solo exhibition at Tribeca gallery Lomex brings together a new series of large-scale paintings depicting permutations of the same scene. Fourchy’s works recall the legacy of Pop Art: the collaging of repeating forms, the profiling of cultural icons, and the rearrangement of images. In her paintings, images of highly recognizable female figures peer out at the viewer from their canvases, subject to patterning and distortion.

In Serious (2021) [pictured], actors Charlotte Rampling, Divine, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Anjelica Huston pose against a blacked-out background, accented by beige cutout forms. Another Mystery (2020) makes use of the same image, only this time, the figures are the ones blacked out. A blue halo surrounds their obscured bodies as floral motifs illuminate the background. Variations on the same image reappear: in Flamingos (2021), the figures are dyed pink and set against a seething backdrop of flame-like tendrils, while in Red Dressed (2020) their forms are abstracted and distilled into red dots.

Andrea Fourchy, Serious, 2021. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 68 x 62 inches.