Camille Blatrix


Andrew Kreps Gallery
55 Walker Street
Appointments encouraged
New York
Jan 29th 2021 — Mar 6th 2021

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In Camille Blatrix's first exhibition in New York—"Pop-up," on view at Andrew Kreps Gallery—the Paris-based artist engages the prevalence of advertising imagery, saturated to the point of becoming its own visual language.

At the entrance to the show, Blatrix has installed an "Ask Us Anything" chat robot visual. A helpful character more at home on the sidebars of webpages than on gallery walls, the icon is a signifier of a constant advertorial presence that promises to answer all your questions and solve your problems. Throughout the gallery are references to omnipresent corporate imagery: the bright primary colors ubiquitous in branding logos also feature in Blatrix's sculptures. This palette dominates not only the works but the gallery itself, as a wallpainting of alternating yellow, blue, red, and green encircles the room. In Blatrix's four-panel sculpture They play We play (2021) [pictured], the same colors crop up in the abstracted forms of Starbucks and Google emblems. More than just logos, they are representations of capital, and Blatrix appropriates their visual language of production in art historical terms, transforming them into symbols.

Camille Blatrix, They play We play, 2021. Acrylic resin, wood, printed laminate, led system, electronic component, wooden marquetry, 78 3/4 × 78 3/4 inches; marquetry: 13 3/4 × 11 3/4 × 1 inches. Image courtesy of the Artist and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York. Photo: Dan Bradica.