Chris Martin


Anton Kern
91 Walker Street, New York, NY (corner of Walker and Lafayette Street)
On view 24/7
New York
Sep 16th 2020 — Oct 31st 2020

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Staged by Anton Kern in the windows of a building just south of Canal Street in Manhattan, “Window” features three paintings by longtime abstract artist Chris Martin. Viewable on the Walker Street side of the building are two, made in 2006, which have never before been exhibited. Martin calls these “eccentric stretcher” paintings, so named for the unusual shape of the canvas stretcher that dictated the structure of these three-dimensional works (shown in the image pictured here). On the Lafayette Street side is a painting displayed in a neon light box, inspired by Mexican devotional images and early geometric modernism.

Chris Martin, 'WINDOW' Installation View, Anton Kern Gallery, 2020.