Daniel Gordon

Night Pictures

James Fuentes
Jun 15th 2020 — Jul 15th 2020

In "Night Pictures," Daniel Gordon debuts new work in the form of 30 prints that depict casual domestic scenes, each littered with commonplace items—but this mundane subject matter, upon closer inspection, dissolves into countless visual anomalies.

The key to deciphering the pervasive aesthetic and mechanical ambiguities within these works is Gordon's process: Through the gestures of "cutting" and "pasting," the results of digital commands and physical actions become irrevocably blurred.

From James Fuentes:

Gordon crisscrosses between digital and analog techniques, experimenting with the manipulation of files found via Google image searches. Digital files become printed images only to be cut and paste again—this time with scissors and glue—to create the scenes for Gordon’s lens-based photographs.

Daniel Gordon, Meat and Potatoes, 2020. Pigment Print, 12 × 18 inches.