Dena Yago

Dry Season

167 Rivington Street
New York
Lower East Side
Sep 12th 2020 — Oct 25th 2020

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Despite the show's title, fish take center stage in Dena Yago's exhibition at Bodega. "Dry Season" features a new series of sculptural works that incorporate Big Mouth Billy Bass—the talking animatronic bass most often found on the walls of basements and dive bars. Here, five reprogrammed specimens dive into a synchronized—albeit uncharacteristically character-driven—performance.

A mural inspired by Pieter Bruegel the Elder's 16th-century allegorical illustration, Big Fish Eat Little Fish, plays up the show's morbidly humorous undercurrent as it imagines a world of fish both out of water—and out of luck.

Dena Yago, Seeker, 2020. Audio, wood, enamel, Big Mouth Billy Bass, 24 x 72 x 5.5 inches.